Chernoh Exposes How The Uhuru Movement Plots Against Socialist Leaders In Sierra Leone! (By James Koroma )

An official document presented to an international audience in the Chinese capital, Beijing by the African Socialist Movement (ASM) has clearly revealed how the Uhuru Movement of Omali Yeshitela in Florida plotted against socialist leaders in Sierra Leone.
The twenty-page dossier, mostly a historical narrative dating back to 2005 of the relationship between socialist leaders in Sierra Leone and Omali Yeshitela’s Uhuru Movement in Florida, contains very revealing accounts of how the Uhuru Movement exploited the organizational success of an internationalist grassroots political struggle in West Africa and betrayed its leadership.
Socialist leaders in Sierra Leone said they operated with the Uhuru Movement in good faith but Omali Yeshitela anxiously schemed to subvert their organization and steal its members.
They had created an impression in the United States and England that they owned the movement in Sierra Leone. That our existence and actual political development represents a practical manifestation of Omali Yeshitela’s so-called leadership and internationalism. Because of this erroneous and misleading distortion that they put out in the world, they were unwilling to accept an organizational relationship with the Africanist Movement where both organizations will function on equal terms to promote the cause of African unity and liberation within a principled arrangement that was to ultimately result into the actual development of single, organic force on an international level,” the document states, adding that the Uhuru Movement wanted to lord themselves over the Africanist Movement, which was why they embarked on a program to usurp the organization’s membership.
The document further narrates how a representative of the Uhuru Movement who visited Sierra Leone in 2008 as part of an exchange program between the two organizations was discovered to have been secretly instructed to enlist members of the socialist movement in Sierra Leone.
We had discussed with the Uhuru Movement on the need for a cross-exchange of training programs between our organizations that will allow members of both organizations to benefit from experiences outside of their own organizations,” the document states, pointing out that socialist leaders in Sierra Leone were aware of the limitations of the Uhuru Movement.
We knew that the Uhuru Movement had a lot to learn from our organizational techniques judging from our success in building a mass-based revolutionary movement. We were always concerned with the fact that the Uhuru Movement, with its multitude of organizations, still lacks a mass presence and following even in St. Petersburg, Florida where it is headquartered,” they said, adding that they had hoped that the Uhuru Movement will learn a lot on how to build a mass organization if some of their organizers would come to Sierra Leone and participate in the daily activities and programs of their movement.
It was for this reason that Diop Olugblala was invited to Sierra Leone but we were to discover from the welcome meeting we held for him on the night of his arrival that he had been instructed by the Uhuru Movement leadership to come to Sierra Leone and secretly recruit members of our movement into the Uhuru Movement,” they said, while adding that Diop Olugbala even insulted the organizations.
He stated that his organization did not consider our movement a revolutionary organization, and that the only revolutionaries are those in the Uhuru Movement. This statement was completely outrageous and arrogant to the highest degree; and it annoyed every single member of the Africanist Movement,” the document pointed out.
Diop Olugbala is currently the president of a unit of the Uhuru Movement and was made a candidate by Omali Yeshitela in Philadelphia’s mayoral elections a year ago. Socialist leaders in Sierra Leone say they communicated their dissatisfaction on the conduct of certain Uhuru Movement members to their leaders.
In a correspondence we addressed to Omali Yeshitela, we expressed our dissatisfaction with the conduct of Diop Olugbala and the characterization of our Movement. Omali Yeshitela was to later distance his organization from the utterances of Diop Olugbala and offered apologies for the disparaging remarks made by his representative,” they said.
However, the most revealing aspect of the document is the account on how the Uhuru Movement utilized an organization called All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) to subvert socialist leaders in Sierra Leone.
AAPDEP, an organization supposedly directed by an Alabama trained physicist, Dr. Aisha Fields was reportedly established in 2006 following a Northern America tour by Sierra Leone’s socialist leader, Chernoh Alpha Bah. During the tour, Bah had highlighted the objective conditions of people in Sierra Leone with specific emphasis on the high incidences of infant and maternal mortality in the country. The Uhuru Movement later established AAPDEP to raise resources from people who were moved by the conditions of people in Sierra Leone as reported by Mr. Bah. Information from the literature of the Uhuru Movement explained how hundreds of North Americans had returned diamonds in their possession because of Bah’s expose of the activities of multinationals and conflict diamonds in Sierra Leone.
A statement posted by the Uhuru Movement on its in April of 2006 attested to this fact when it states that: “It was as a result of this tour exposing that all diamonds are blood diamonds that a significant number of North Americans (white people) contributed diamonds in the call to return the diamonds that belong to Africans. The analysis influenced hundreds of people to volunteer their political and material support for the work being done in Sierra Leone and West Africa. Consequently, we now have forces who have stepped forward to volunteer their skills to build electrification, water purification, and prosthetics projects in order to transform the conditions created by the crisis. Now we are calling on all of you who signed up to support the work in Sierra Leone and West Africa to step forward and join the Sierra Leone Support Committee
Socialist leaders in Sierra Leone said the Uhuru Movement never built a Support Committee but proceed to build AAPDEP. They also complained in the document that Omali Yeshitela used their struggle and the conditions of African people in Sierra Leone to generate resources for himself and his organization.
A recent statement recently issued by Omavi Bailey, which is also annexed in the said document, equally disclosed how Central Committee meetings of the Uhuru Movement discussed plans to subdue the socialist leadership of Sierra Leone. Omavi Bailey’s statement was a direct response to a slanderous article published in late May on by the Uhuru Movement attacking Chernoh Alpha Bah and his organization.
Omavi Bailey, one of the delegates of the Uhuru Movement at the first Africanist leadership conference of 2005 where relations between the Uhuru Movement and socialist leaders in West Africa were formalized, narrated how Omali Yeshitela and his group never intended on genuinely supporting the socialist efforts in West Africa. Omavi Bailey said categorically that the Uhuru Movement wanted to use the base of socialist leaders in Sierra Leone to build a legacy of Omali Yeshitela.
In the document, socialist leaders in Sierra Leone similarly reported that the Uhuru Movement’s program of subversion against them became more obvious when a woman they had sent to the United States for medical training and fundraising with the Uhuru Movement was later unilaterally appointed by Omali Yeshitela to establish a branch of AAPDEP in Sierra Leone.
The woman, a nurse midwife we had recruited and identified to help kick-start a community healthcare program to tackle the high incidences of infant and maternal mortality in Sierra Leone, was instructed by the Uhuru Movement to establish a branch of the All-African People’s Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) in Sierra Leone,” they said and adds that the Uhuru Movement worked out a monthly salary for the woman to enable them control her actions and activities.
While in the United States, she also gave the Uhuru Movement an impression that she leads a women’s movement in Sierra Leone called Women in National Development (WIND) comprising of traditional birth attendants. While she has a relationship with some traditional birth attendants in the country, the so-called WIND organization did not exist. But for the Uhuru Movement, the nurse midwife had given them what they were looking out for: someone they can readily use to defend the myth about their existence in West Africa,” they stated in the document.
The document further revealed that the Uhuru Movement has no real presence in Sierra Leone but they are using the conditions of the people in that country to raise funds for themselves from innocent North Americans.
The so-called AAPDEP projects in Sierra Leone are a fairy tale. The Uhuru Movement have adopted existing kindergarten schools that are actually run by church organizations and community partnership boards in Sierra Leone to brag about establishing institutions to better the conditions of existence of the people,” the document pointed out.
It also revealed that the so-called projects that the Uhuru Movement currently claims to be implementing are a complete farce.
There is no single work that is currently being done by the Uhuru Movement or any of its associates in Sierra Leone that is tied to any revolutionary work or effort. In fact, the institutions the Uhuru Movement is claiming to have established in Sierra Leone have been there before the Uhuru Movement came into Sierra Leone. Most of these institutions have categorically stated in their mission statements that they are non-political,” the document categorically stated.
But a statement posted on on July 24 announced an urgent call by the Uhuru Movement for US$5,000 which it says was needed to legitimize the operations of its nursing school in Sierra Leone.
In order to continue to operate within the country, however, we must now become a government-accredited institution. Having met all other requirements of the Sierra Leone Nurses Board, we were just recently given a deadline of July 25 to pay the one-time accreditation fee of $5,000. Should we not meet this deadline, we run the risk of having the school closed until next year,” the Uhuru Movement claimed on its appeal for funds.
Ongoing investigations in Sierra Leone point to the fact that this is not true. According to Sierra Leone’s educational system, no institution is required to pay a fee to be accredited by the Education Ministry. Education Ministry sources state that all nursing institutions in the country are accredited by the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences (COMAHS) of the University of Sierra Leone and supervised by the Ministry of Health.
Information at the Ministry of Education also state that nursing schools in Freetown under this administrative arrangement include the Connaught Nursing School, which has been upgraded into a Department of Nursing in the University of Sierra Leone’s College of Medicine and Allied Health Science, the 34 Military Nurses Training School and the Brookfields Nursing School respectively.
However, the dossier from socialist leaders in Freetown also state that the “AAPDEP nursing school” in question itself is a project of a group called the Passengers Welfare Organization (PAWEL). Information from Freetown indicates that the group’s leader has been desperately looking out for financial support to capacitate his nursing school.
Sources from records of the Africanist Movement indicate that PAWEL had attempted a relationship with socialist leaders in Freetown in 2007 but ties were broken that very year when PAWEL leaders visited president Koroma immediately after the elections that brought him to power.
We never continued any relationship with PAWEL after the SPLM program because the leadership of PAWEL visited President Ernest Bai Koroma who had recently come to power after the elections of 2007 to pledge their support for his government,” socialist sources in Freetown state.
According to the report, socialist leaders later learnt that the Uhuru Movement has entered into a relationship with PAWEL and that the Nursing School of PAWEL had been transformed into an AAPDEP Nursing School. “This is the same nursing school that the Uhuru Movement is now raising funds for,” the document clearly pointed out.
However, African Socialist Movement (ASM) leaders in Freetown say that despite the betrayal from the Uhuru Movement, their work is progressing tremendously.
In March 2011, the ASM entered into a political coalition with the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) to provide a formidable challenge against two of Sierra Leone’s oldest political parties – the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and All People’s Congress (APC). These two parties have dominated Sierra Leone’s political landscape for the last fifty years.
ASM leaders say their alliance with the NDA will allow them to fill-out ten candidates for parliamentary and local council positions in the elections of November.
They said the current document on their relationship with the Uhuru Movement will be presented to all progressive and revolutionary governments and leaders around the world to prevent “the falsification of history by Omali Yeshitela.”
The Uhuru Movement has no moral authority to question or judge the correctness or incorrectness of our tactics and strategy. The effectiveness of the Uhuru Movement and Omali Yeshitela will only be measured and tested when they are able to build a real revolutionary organization with a mass character,” the document concluded.
A delegation of the African Socialist Movement (ASM) is scheduled to arrive in the United States in mid September to educate people about its program and activities ahead of the elections of November in Sierra Leone.
ASM’s Director of International Affairs, Ajamu Bandele says the tour will occur alongside Hajj Malcolm Shabazz, a grandson of Malcolm X.

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