Chernoh Stands Up For Workers Rights And Exposes The Human Rights Abuses Of The Police

NDA demands halt to African Minerals operations

By Ibrahim Tarawallie

The National Democratic Alliance, NDA yesterday called for the immediate suspension of the operations of African Minerals Limited until an investigation is carried out to determine the circumstances that led to the recent fracas in Bumbuna town.

NDA’s request came in the wake of the peaceful protest staged early last week by some workers of the company to seek for an improvement in their conditions of service in which the police’s reaction to the protest by using excessive force led to the death of one of the aggrieved workers while many others were left hospitalized.

At a press conference held at the party’s Freetown office, NDA spokesperson Chernor Alpha Bah told newsmen that the incident at Bumbuna is of great importance, noting: “We believe that it is the right of the workers to protest when things are not working well.”

He noted that his party was surprised by the actions of the Sierra Leone Police to defend the company and for castigating the workers who were demanding for better service.

“The police and AML should be held squarely responsible for the violence that erupted in Bumbuna,” stated the NDA spokesman. “We therefore call for an independent tribunal to carry out an in-depth investigation and assessment of the police response to the protest action by workers of the company. We also demand an immediate halt to the operations and activities of AML until the conclusion of investigation into circumstances of the violence.”

Bah expressed his party’s disappointment at the level of force applied by the police in response to the problem, adding that they were busy protecting the properties of the company than the victims.

“The incident was a grave violation of human rights. We question the method used by the SLP to respond to problems. We cannot allow them to use excessive force on innocent people,” he said.

Bah also demanded reparations from AML for the families and victims of the violence.


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