Chernoh Slams The Neocolonial All People’s Congress, “Agenda For Change” For Increasing The Misery And Suffering Of The People

Sierra Leone: NDA’s Mission to Wreck Koroma’s Second Term Bid


The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) – one of the most critical political outfits of the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) regime – has once again taken President Ernest Bai Koroma’s ‘Agenda for Change’ to task, saying “it has done nothing but increased the misery and suffering of the people”.

Speaking to newsmen at his party’s headquarters on Duke Street in Freetown, NDA spokesperson Chernor Alpha Bah charged the Koroma-led administration of woefully failing to improve the welfare of Sierra Leoneans, claiming: “What is inside the ‘Agenda for Change’ are misguided policies that have turned this country into a corrupt society.”

He noted that key to the NDA’s agenda as a party is “to ensure that the APC does not have a second term because of their incompetence and failure to address the country’s worsening economic situation”.

We are saying publicly that President Koroma’s ‘Agenda for Change’ has increased the misery and suffering of the people,” Bah sputtered. “We cannot talk about development when the people are suffering to get social services and the inflation rate is high. They have paid lip-service to the portion of development.

According to the NDA spokesperson, the APC is desperate to secure a second term at all cost rather than reducing the high inflation and poverty rate and providing the much needed social services for the masses.

“We cannot agree to be under a government that has misused our economy for the past five years. Since the inception of the free health care in 2010, there has been no progress,” Bah further charged, while accusing the APC and SLPP of being the protagonists of the country’s underdevelopment.

When contacted by Concord Times for his reaction to the NDA man’s stinging attack on his government, Minister of Information and Communications – who doubles as the government spokesperson – Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo, described the NDA’s claims as “laughable and a deliberate act of mischief or ignorance on their part”.

According to the minister, the ‘Agenda for Change’ is the only government policy framework since independence to address development issues that are people-oriented. Other governments, he maintained, attempted to run the state without clear-cut policies.

“The Agenda for Change addresses issues relating to infrastructural development,” insisted Mr. Kargbo. “It has increased electricity supply, brought about the free health care programme and improved agricultural productivity, among others. So to suggest that the document created hardship is a deliberate act of mischief or ignorance on the part of the NDA and their spokesman. The country continues to be applauded worldwide for coming from a state of morass to one of the fastest growing economy.”

The Information Minister opined that children and pregnant women are getting free medical care, which was not the case before. The APC government, he added, has also eliminated custom duty on rice to ensure that the product, which is the country’s staple food, is affordable.

“This is a people’s government. We are recognised by international financial institutions as having a growing economy,” Kargbo stressed. “We are moving to a new strategy which is the ‘Agenda for Prosperity’. We are the best government this country has ever had and no government has performed as we have done. The NDA will never run a government in this country.”


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