Uhuru Movement Files Charges On Chernoh And Exposes Themselves As Hypocrites And In Alliance With The APC!

“As an act of self-defense against Chernoh’s attempt to have these comrades arrested, Fenty and Issa had no choice but to file counter charges against Chernoh, exposing the fact that they had simply been trying to retrieve resources that Chernoh stole from AAPDEP.” (http://uhurunews.com/story?resource_name=defend-the-freetown-3)

First of all let me just say that the Uhuru Movement has resorted to the lowest methods of counterrevolutionary assault in this unprincipled and CIA-styled campaign to assassinate the character of Chernoh Alpha M. Bah and the integrity of the African Socialist Movement of Sierra Leone. They have told whole lies and half truths concerning the history and relationship between the Africanist Movement and Uhuru Movement. Accusing Chernoh of being a neocolonialist, opportunist, thief, and tribalist in their original communique published on their official news site today they have released a communique admitting that they have filed charges against Chernoh!

Claiming that the African Socialist Movement stole a boat motor, radio transmitter, and a track of land from them the Uhuru Movement has been attempting to portray Chernoh as a political con man. When the fact of the matter is that the boat motor and radio transmitters were given to the Africanist Movement. Chernoh eloquently explains the entire history of this relationship and the split. He addresses every aspect of their slanderous assault and even shed light on the true motive for the attack.

The truth of the matter is that the Uhuru Movement is in bed with the ruling APC via. its members and supporters! It is without a doubt that the most militant voice in Sierra Leone politics is Chernoh Bah! In the middle of a historic election campaign in which revolutionary socialist are contesting for 10 seats in parliament and council the Uhuru Movement launches its attack!

Who’s interests are the Uhuru Movement serving? Surely not the masses of oppressed and poor workers and peasants in Sierra Leone! This recent attack exposes the Uhuru Movement as CIA operatives… They have used their mercenary forces in Sierra Leone to make harassing phone calls threatening his life and attacking his home! All of this in the mist of a slander campaign! And now they have filed charges on Chernoh Alpha M. Bah as he contest for a seat in parliament….

My momma always said “If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then… its a duck!” I couldn’t wrap my mind around the timing of this calculated attack against Chernoh and the ASM-SL but today it is clear that they are attempting to destroy this movement! There is a correct way to resolve contradictions within the revolutionary movement! Antagonistic and non antagonistic contradictions and from the outset of this “Fuck Ass” struggle the Uhuru Movement has been lying and slinging shit!

We responded to these attacks by calling on honest and principled forces to weigh in on this struggle. After the Uhuru Movement begin censoring its comment section on Uhuru News to silence the opposition and refusing to publish Chernoh’s response on their site… We had no choice but to utilize our own independent blogs to wage this struggle from using guerrilla tactics and social media to defend ourselves and call on the people to get involved with this struggle. To criticize this Cointelpro/CIA styled slander campaign!

Privately many came forward to express their unity but could not make public comments due to a fear of dragging their organizations into this struggle. This is a struggle that was opened up to the public to engage in but the Uhuru Movement has been so belligerent towards other African organizations throughout its 40 years of existence that many so called progressive and militant organizations are simply intimidated into silence and indifference! This is a serious struggle that is greater than the individuals and organizations directly involved.

Chernoh who has an 18 year history of vigilant protest and opposition of neocolonialism in Sierra leone and throughout Africa. Who built a mass movement of tens of thousands of young Africans in 8 West African countries before joining the efforts to build the African Socialist International. Who after the split with the Uhuru Movement didn’t miss a beat and entered the African Socialist Movement (formerly the Africanist Movement) into a strategic alliance with the National Democratic Alliance which it viewed as a progressive pro democratic political party to contest for 10 seats in the November 2012 elections in Sierra Leone.

Chernoh and his organization have not been members of the African Socialist International in over 18 months but the Uhuru Movement didn’t make these criticisms until a month ago while these comrades are engaged in a serious political struggle against the neocolonial ruling APC party. The same party that the Uhuru Movements associates and “members” are supporters and operatives of. The Uhuru Movement has helped to foster an environment that has resulted in the physical assault on Chernoh’s home and death threats.

I can’t help but to think about how the Nation of Islam and COINTELPRO fostered an environment of hostility and violence that resulted in the constant harassment, death threats, and attacks on Malcolm X’s home! I can’t stop thinking about how Malcolm X was being slandered and assaulted in imperialist and NOI media because he was publicly exposing Elijah Muhammad and the Nation Of Islam as a criminal and corrupt organization and movement, while simultaneously waging a serious political struggle against imperialism. It is common knowledge that Malcolm X made police reports and stated publicly in the media that the NOI was attempting to kill him. He was murdered with the names of those that were to kill him. He was going to be exposing them publicly. Ultimately, while many would attempt to paint it as only COINTELPRO the truth of the matter is that the NOI created the environmental circumstances for their infiltrators to assassinate Malcolm.

I relate this to what Chernoh is confronted with as he is constantly under attack by the neocolonialist in Sierra Leone and the Uhuru Movement! The Uhuru Movement is playing the role of the NOI in this scenario! And they are using their Uhuru/APC operatives to harass, make death threats, and physically attack Chernoh and other members of the African Socialist Movement. Chernoh’s report came after the physical assault on his home after residents called the police and he was encouraged by the leadership of the NDA to make a report of the threats and attack. This report did not result in any arrest! And not only was the so called Uhuru Members (APC operatives) interviewed as a result. Members of the African Socialist Movement was as well… Acts of political violence are escalating in Sierra Leone and Chernoh has been a constant problem for the ruling party throughout this campaign.

I keep hearing this bullshit as position about “peoples justice” suggesting that the proper way to address this issue is to shed blood or take life. What would the taking of life mean for Chernoh and the African Socialist Movement? What would that mean for the years of work that they have put in to position themselves for the next level of struggle? Chernoh is running for the equivalent of congress, while being slandered and provoked by the Uhuru Movement to act violently… This is some textbook CIA/FBI tactics being employed by the Uhuru Movement! Who stands to gain from the criminalization and destruction of Chernoh and the African Socialist Movement!

We are calling on all serious freedom fighters to intervene in this struggle! The Uhuru Movement must be held accountable for their actions! Leave your comments and statements of unity, anonymously if necessary!




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