Chernoh Calls For The Disarming Of The Pigs In Sierra Leone!!!

Sierra Leone: Frequent Killing of ‘Innocent’ Civilians
The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has strongly demanded that government immediately disarm all police officers armed with weapons “because they are killing people indiscriminately”.

The party’s official spokesperson, Chernor Alpha Bah, told Concord Times in a telephone interview yesterday that their call came as a result of the frequent killing of innocent civilians in the country by police officers. He noted that before now, his party had raised serious concerns over the purchase of weapons by the government for the Sierra Leone Police and also questioned the professionalism of the police in responding to incidences when they occur.

“In the past months, we have seen the un professionalism of the SLP in responding to problems when they occur. We call on the government to immediately disarm all police officers with weapons because they are killing innocent people indiscriminately. They should not be given weapons until they are professionally trained,” he demanded.

Bah described government’s recently instituted coroner’s investigation into violence incidences in Bumbuna, Bo and Wellington in which innocent civilians were killed allegedly by the police “as a ploy to fool and confuse the people that they doing something, but in actual sense they are not”.

“We feel that the coroner’s investigation is a way by the government tofool and confuse the public that they doing something. The incident in Bo was investigated and recommendations presented to President Koroma for action but nothing has been done to bring to justice the police officer that killed the okadarider,” he noted.

Bah voiced the NDA’s pessimism about the impartiality of the coroner’s investigation, noting that there are no defined rules of engagement in the police.

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