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Chernoh Alpha M. Bah for Parliament in Constituency 28 Bombali District Northern Sierra Leone

The spokesperson for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) formerly of Africa Socialist Movement Chernor Alpha Bah has declared his intention to run for a parliamentary seat in Constituency 28 Bombali District Northern Sierra Leone.
He made this disclosure at the Thompsonian Illusion Hall Syke Street in Freetown this week during a press dinner.
Bah said he is motivated by several requests from comrades of the Africa Socialist Movement and the youths of the constituency to un- seat the All Peoples Congress Party (APC) parliamentarian during the November 27 election.
He said the current parliamentarian Hon. Koya Kala Kamara by all indication has not championed any development program for the constituency and has also not been able to articulate the concerns and interests of the people to the government and development partners.
Bah stated that he will campaign for basic economic and social development for the constituency a program that will highlight and address the pressing questions of employment and the empowerment of peasant women and the school going children.
“I will deliver my people to the promised land of development,” Bah said.
Though it was widely believed that Bombali is an APC stronghold Bah is optimistic to win votes in constituency 28 because of what he referred to as APC complacence.
He expressed commitment and determination to get the NDA symbol to contest the election.
Chernor Bah is an out spoken socialist and a political commentator who formed an Alliance with the NDA party last year with the aim of changing the political domination in the country by SLPP and APC.
By Saidu Bah